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Welcome!  I love event planning, it’s my passion and I’m great at serving the needs of my customers.  Over the last eighteen years I’ve had the pleasure of serving busy executives who need to plan an event and find value in hiring a professional to take on the seemingly endless “to do” list.  At times, it’s all the components of an event and other times it’s working with the company’s event planning team to do all the extras that support executing a successful event.  How I work with my clients is dictated by how much or how little they need help planning their event.  I love working in a collaborative environment with talented people.  

I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur and this is the place on the web where all of my passions collide.  I am President of Events of Joy, an event planning company, named after my Mom. We work with corporate and non-profit clients to plan an execute their events.  I’m also founder of the Women in Business Summit, where we plan and execute events to inspire and educate entrepreneurs.  And you can shop with me for all your skincare and beauty needs on my Mary Kay website.  Take a look around and if I can help in anyway, let’s connect.