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What is included in a Discover Call?

At this appointment we will uncover some of the requirements for your event.
Bring your questions and we’ll discuss possible solutions.

How do I know I need event planning assistance?

1.  If event planning is not part of your job description, however, you’ve been asked to plan an important meeting or conference for your organization. 

2.  You are on a deadline and you need help

3.  You don’t have enough time or interest in planning the details for the event, but you have a vision of how this event can support the mission of your organization.


How soon should I hire an event planning professional?

As soon as you decide on a date for your event.  Schedules book up fast. 

How much does it cost to hire an event planner?

It depends on the services needed, the length of time you’ll need an event planner, your market and the complexity of your event.  Typically, you can plan for 20%-25% of your overall budget.  However, I recommend booking a discovery call to determine the exact costs based on your specific needs. 

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